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The Book House’s Future: A quick update

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[30th April update: We’ve been mentioned on, and an article by Robin Tidwell]

Well, it’s been a busy weekend.

For those of you not aware of recent events, a quick summary. Last week we let everyone know that a developer had plans to demolish The Book House to make way for a four story storage facility. This, to say the least, was upsetting.

What was comforting to find out was the sheer amount of support and messages we’ve gotten since letting everyone know this. Our Facebook page has been filled with messages from local customers and businesses, people have been mentioning us on Twitter, and generally, people have been acting so wonderfully that it brings a tear to the eye.

It appears this support has not gone unnoticed, either.

The Riverfront Times have picked up the story and interviewed Michelle, the developers, and local officials, and the developers (Great Northern Development llc) are now stating that everything so far is very preliminary and they’re very prepared to work with us.

Publishers Weekly has also picked up the story, and has their president, Bill Bowman, stating that  “absolutely no plan has been made on that house,”, “We’re going to work with her to try and find a solution,” and “The bottom line is, she wants to stay open and we want her to stay open.”

In other words, great news. This is a much more promising position to be in, and we suspect this statement is very much influenced by the public show of support we’ve received from you all. Whether we’re out of the woods or not yet remains to be seen, but all of us at the store would like to thank everyone who’s stopped by,  commented online showing their thanks, or just rallied round generally. It’s greatly appreciated.

We will, of course, keep you up to date with any further developments; this certainly isn’t over yet, but things are certainly starting to look a little more optimistic.

How you can still help:

Follow us online – if you aren’t already. We’re on Facebook and Twitter are above, and you can sign up for our newsletter on our website. And of course, there’s this blog, though if you’re reading this, you likely already know about that. You may be reading this because someone shared this post, though, which brings us to point 2:

Let everyone you know, know – Feel free to share this, our Facebook posts, the articles in the media, anything you like. Put them on your blog, share them with friends, let anyone know who you think would be interested. Then get them to share with their friends. The final decision as to what happens with The Book House will very much be influenced by how public opinion is perceived, and the more visible support we have, the stronger our position will be.

Sign the petition – A special thanks here to local author Robin Tidwell here, who quickly started a petition over at To date, this has gathered over 500 signatures and is still rising at a fair old clip. The petition can found here, please sign it if you haven’t already, and again, share the link with anyone you know.

If you’re not much of an online person, or you’d prefer to leave a phone message, you can contact Mr Bowen at Northern Developers on (586) 703-9882 or (734) 996-9979, or Rock Hill City Hall on  (314) 968-1410. We were also encouraging people to attend the town hall meeting originally scheduled for May 8th, though the date on this may have changed. We’ll keep you up to date regarding this. And finally:

It’s business as usual – Despite all the turmoil, we’re still here, and we hope we’re not going away any time soon. We’re open our usual business hours, selling new, used and collectible books, we can ship orders anywhere in the world, and if we don’t have the book you’re looking for, we can order it.

We also have various events coming up in May, from author signings to our now regular Poetry Night every second Thursday of the month. And we’re still accepting book donations for Second Chapter Life Center and charities we support.

Drop by and have a browse any time, we’d love to see you.

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